Cosmetic Excisions

A Brief History About Plastic, Reconstructive And Cosmetic Surgery

Each year plastic and reconstructive surgeons improve the lives of millions of patients with inherited malformations such as cleft lip and cleft palate, disfiguring wounds, animal bites, and profound burn injuries, those requiring reconstruction after surgery for malignancy or other chronic conditions. It will not focus on these forms of plastic surgery, but rather on cosmetic surgery, or elective procedures to enhance those not overloaded by such disfiguring conditions. The plastic surgery is done by our craniofacial surgeons in an effective way. New kinds of bandages to improve the treatment of battlefield and other injuries, certain cells in our bodies that can help wounds heal without scars, and a wide range of other topics. Reconstructive surgery which involves the re-establishment of form and function is done in any part of the body. Massive loss of weight creates a body contour that lacks waist and hip definition. The normal reduction of the waist and widening at the hips is not apparent in these patients. The main goal of body contouring surgery in this area to help create contraction the waist and smooth natural curve from rib cage through the waist and down in to the lateral thighs. This might include repairing a hole left when a bone swelling is removed, reconstructing a breast following a mastectomy, reforming connections of a reattached limb, or separating conjoined twins. Cosmetic or Aesthetic surgery such as breast reduction or expansion, liposuction, facelifts, and skin treatments are done by our cosmetic plastic surgeons.

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